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Profile: Leymah Gbowee - Liberia's 'peace warrior'

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Leymah Gbowee was born in in Monrovia, Liberia, which at the time was one of the most modern and sophisticated cities in West Africa. Growing up, Gbowee dreamed of being a doctor, and inafter graduating from high school, planned to enroll in the University of Liberia to study medicine.

Nobel Peace Prize

Leymah’s threat worked, and it proved to be a decisive turning point for the peace process. Within weeks, Taylor resigned the presidency and went into exile, and a peace treaty mandating a transitional government was signed.

Leymah Gbowee

Leymah’s impact on the world had only just begun. Leymah Gbowee: Leymah Gbowee, Liberian peace activist known for rallying women to pressure leaders into ending Liberia’s civil war. She was one of three recipients, along with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakkul Karman, of the Nobel Peace Prize, for their nonviolent efforts to.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work".

Leymah Gbowee

Watch video · InGbowee won the Nobel Peace Prize for her commitment in leading a women's peace movement that helped end the Second Liberian Civil War. Oct 08,  · The winners were President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia — the first woman to be elected president in modern Africa — her compatriot, the peace activist Leymah .

Nobel peace leymah
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