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Ancient Order of Hibernians

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Druids in Ancient America? by Debra L. Lewis. Ogham-Like Rock Etchings Found in Colorado. When I learned history, Columbus discovered America.

Later, my daughters learned that the Vikings arrived on these shores years prior to Columbus. Ogham writing and did the Dark Ages produce America’s first Christmas cards? December 4, Uncategorized No comments. He translated the Ogham into Old Irish, from Old Irish into modern Irish and then into English.

Ancient Order of Hibernians Frank Herbert-Pat Cady Division Alexandria Virginia. AOH Motto: Friendship, Unity, and. Dr.

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Barry Fell is an emeritus professor at Harvard University. He came to America from New Zealand in In addition to being a world-recognized authority on marine biology, he is president of the Epigraphic Society, and is editor and co-author of eight volumes of decipherments of ancient inscriptions.

But because Ogham letters are formed from series of simple linear strokes, some crackpots (notably Barry Fell) have fraudulently claimed that some linear marks carved on stones in America and elsewhere are examples of Ogham writing, when to experts it is patently obvious that thet are not.

It would be great to find a genuine example of an Ogham inscription in continental Europe, but no-one has found one. Ogam is the oldest form of writing in Ireland and Scotland. It can still be seen inscribed on hundreds of large and small stones, on the walls of some caves, but also on bone, ivory, bronze and silver objects.

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