Showing vs telling in writing

Showing vs. Telling in Your Writing

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Preventative vs. preventive

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Pat McNees

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It seems then, that this idea business may have some enjoyment after all:. TIP Sheet WRITING A DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY. The aim of description is to make sensory details vividly present to the reader.

Although it may be only in school that you are asked to write a specifically descriptive essay, description is an important element in many kinds of writing. Show, don’t tell. But what does it mean?

If you struggle with the difference between showing vs. telling, you’re not alone. Once you’ve got it, it seems simple.

But until you do, this maxim causes as many questions as anything in the writing world. Is it really that important? You bet it is. In both examples, showing makes the writing vivid and more descriptive. Showing also helps readers experience the story by allowing them to interpret the descriptions of places, actions, and scenes.

Telling, on the other hand, is flat and boring and limits the experience for the reader. Preventive is the original adjective corresponding to prevent, but preventative has gained ground and is now a common variant.

The two share all their definitions. As of earlypreventive is about three times as common as preventative in general web searches. And as the ngram below suggests. Arguably the most important rule of fiction is the age-old Show, don’t tell! Sounds simple, right? And yet many inexperienced (and some not-so-inexperienced) writers struggle with this foundational principle of showing and telling.

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Showing vs telling in writing
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