Touching lives

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Our Ministries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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Touching Lives Behind Bars

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Lopy and I are a very good team. About Us. Touching Lives International is a leading global organization set with a passionate vision to empower and touch lives.

Ours is a unique organization existing to inflict empowerment through our wealth creation platform built transparently by professionals to help eradicate poverty globally. It’s no easy task to find a fresh way to approach a familiar face like comedian Gilda Radner, but director Lisa D’Apolito does a wonderful job ushering us through the highs and lows of the.

Touching Lives Over 55, a program of Journey’s Way, is currently recruiting Volunteer Peer Leaders to facilitate group discussions on health and wellness, aging issues and life after retirement.

Get directions, reviews and information for Touching Lives With Care in Herriman, UT. Many of us know people who are feeling extreme financial pressures. For some, a single unexpected life event can turn their lives upside down, leaving them feeling helpless and not knowing where to turn.

We are proud of the work the Touching Lives Foundation has been able to do to help members of. Some think touching lives or making an impact requires big-ticket projects. But reality shows that it is the little things that truly matter.

The FirstBank.

Touching lives
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